In addition to NextBee terms and conditions, listed below are other specific terms and conditions by Trupanion:

Trupanion Referrals Program Terms

We may, from time to time, offer individuals the opportunity to earn rewards by referring friends to the Trupanion policy ("Trupanion Referrals Program"). Participation in a Referral Program may require users to submit personal information about themselves and their friends, such as name and e-mail address. By participating in a Referral Program, users agree to receive communications from Trupanion, and/or from our partners that operate and maintain the Referral Program, with regards to participation in the Referral Program. The following guidelines shall apply to a user's participation in any Referral Program:

1. A valid referral is a new member who stays with Trupanion for at least one (1) policyholder month, and does not cancel within the first 30 days.

2. Users may earn one (1) reward for each valid referral. There is no limit to the number of overall rewards that a user may earn.

3. Only one (1) new Trupanion account per policyholder will count towards earning a reward. If multiple referrals originate from the same policyholder based off of originating IP address and/or credit card billing or shipping address submitted by the referred users, they will be counted as a single referral credit towards earning a reward.

4. Users may not submit multiple e-mail addresses and/or multiple credit card numbers to set up Trupanion accounts in an attempt to earn a reward or an additional reward.

5. Users may not participate in a Referral Program where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable law or regulations.

6. A user's eligibility to earn a reward will be based on the ability to make referrals that result in new Trupanion customers. Referrals to existing Trupanion customers will not count towards eligibility to earn a reward.

7. Referrer must generate a unique referral link by using the Referrals Program. Credit for referrals can only be given out for those referrals who enroll using their unique referral link.

8. Users may not use Spam to obtain referrals. Users may not acquire referrals through unsolicited e-mail to persons unknown to them, or through usenet or message board postings, where the postings are unrelated to the topic of discussion or otherwise violate the terms of the site.

9. A qualified Referral is defined as an enrollment made on Trupanion's site ("Site") by a person who arrives at the Site via another person's (the "Referrer" or Referring Customer) Referral Program link ("Personal Link"). The Referrer and the Referee cannot be the same person with a different email address or members of the same household.

10. Program not available in the state of Texas.

We reserve the right to modify or amend at any time these guidelines and the methods through which rewards are earned. We reserve the right to disqualify a user at any time from participation in a Referral Program if they do not comply with any of these guidelines. All information collected from a user in a Referral Program shall be subject to the Trupanion Privacy Policy.


You will earn a $10 Gift Card for each pet owner referred to Trupanion who: Completes the Trupanion enrollment process after accessing the Trupanion website directly from Referrer's unique referral link, without leaving and returning to the Trupanion website via any other method or without being referred back to Trupanion by a different referral source; Is successfully billed for a period of one (1) month; And does not cancel his or her account in the first thirty (30) days after successful billing.